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Difference between Hemp Seed Oil Lube and Delta 8 Sex Lube

Many different oils are used as sexual lubricant for many types of sexual intercourse. There are multiple types of lubricants but if you’re reading this, you have probably tried all sorts of non infused lubricants and you’re probably looking for the infused lubricant now. That’s the key difference between other sex lubes and infused sex […]

USDA Gives Industrial Hemp Farming The Green Light

Author: Ryan Tengco As more and more people realize the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD), the industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. As a result, farmers across the entire country will soon be able to grow hemp in an industrial fashion under the guidance of the United States Domestic Hemp Production Program. This program […]

What Is Delta-8-THC?

Author: Casey For those who don’t know, Delta 8 THC is a drug that comes from the cannabis plant. It gives people the feeling of being high however it has numerous medical properties and advantages. THC is essentially the part of the marijuana plant that gets people high and for that reason it is stronger, […]