About Us

Our team has spent years in the pharmaceutical industry creating pharmaceutical drugs and building pharmaceutical laboratories. Our team has gathered a lot of valuable experience about quality control, drug stability and patient safety. Our team has also spent years cultivating hemp and cannabis, providing some of the best cannabinoid profiles in the industry. By merging our experience and strengths, we have created a unique team that can produce some of the highest quality hemp products on the market to date.

We are highly focused on creating successful and long term partnerships with all of our customers and vendors. If you think you have a product that we should be using, let us know! With an ever evolving industry there are improvements and new products being created every day! Email us at info@hempremediesog.com.

If you think you have what it takes to be apart of our team, send resumes to apps@hempremediesog.com. We are always looking to expand our team and increase our outreach! Please let us know what you have to offer and your passions! We do not check this every day, however when we are looking for new employees this is where we always start! We are looking forward to working together to build a better world around us!