Difference between Hemp Seed Oil Lube and Delta 8 Sex Lube

Many different oils are used as sexual lubricant for many types of sexual intercourse. There are multiple types of lubricants but if you’re reading this, you have probably tried all sorts of non infused lubricants and you’re probably looking for the infused lubricant now. That’s the key difference between other sex lubes and infused sex lubes. Don’t be confused by terms like hemp. Read our What is CBD and What is hemp articles to learn more.

What is Hemp Seed Oil Lube

Hemp seed oil has been used as a source of nutrition by humans for thousands of years. It is also popular in topicals and other applications as a substitute for other types of oil. It’s important to note that the “hemp oil” made from hemp seeds doesn’t contain phytocannabinoid content in meaningful amounts.

What is Delta 8 Sex Lube

Companies like Hemp Remedies Original Grower offer a Silicone based sexual lubricant which has been infused with a meaningful dose of cannabinoids which were safely extracted from whole plant cannabis (hemp). Our sex lube features delta 8 THC and the only way to know if it will vibe with your libido and endocannabinoid system is to try it.

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